Peanut / Groundnut Oil

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Peanut / Groundnut Oil

PEANUT GROUNDNUT oil wholesalers distributors online 100% pure. We hope that with the best price, good quality, good service and can supply a huge amount, our products would be suitable for your need and it is very honour to serve you anytime.

Solvant Extracted Crude Groundnut Oil

Color (1st Lovibond Cell) – Yellow 25, Red 4.0
FFA – 2% Max
Acid Value – 4% Max
Moisture and Volatile Matter – 0.2 % Max
Insoluble Impurity – 0.1 % Max
Peroxide Value ( MMO L/Kg ) – 7.5 Max
Resident of Solvent – 100 PPM Max
Flash Point : 250o  F (121o C) Min
Aflatoxin – 5 PPB Max

Linoleic Acid – 0.20 Max

(1) Are you the factory?

Yes, we are the share stock holder of the factory, this means we can control the quality and we only ship the cargo which produced by ourselves, the quality can be stable and the price can be competitive, please don’t worry.

(2) Can we have the sample?

Yes, we can send samples for your reference, but before sending samples, we hope we can make a agreement for the deals, but not only send you the samples for compare to others, hope you can understand us.

(3) Does your products can be registered in our country?

Yes, we can provide you the necessary documents for your registration in your country and comply to your authority regulations.

(4) Can I use my own design package?

Yes, we can offer the package which printed based on your design. We sincerely hope to establish business friendship with you from all over the world, looking forward to your enquiry.


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