Groundnut / Peanut Oil for Sale

PEANUT GROUNDNUT oil wholesalers distributors online 100% pure. We hope that with the best price, good quality, good service and can supply a huge amount, our products would be suitable for your need and it is very honour to serve you anytime.

Solvant Extracted Crude Groundnut Oil

Groundnut Oil Specification

Color (1st Lovibond Cell) – Yellow 25, Red 4.0
FFA – 2% Max
Acid Value – 4% Max
Moisture and Volatile Matter – 0.2 % Max
Insoluble Impurity – 0.1 % Max
Peroxide Value ( MMO L/Kg ) – 7.5 Max
Resident of Solvent – 100 PPM Max
Flash Point : 250o  F (121o C) Min
Aflatoxin – 5 PPB Max

Linoleic Acid – 0.20 Max

Peanut Oil for Sale

Bulk Peanut Oil Suppliers

Bulk peanut oil suppliers specialize in providing large quantities of high-quality peanut oil to businesses such as food manufacturers, restaurants, and wholesale distributors. They source their oil from premium-grade peanuts, ensuring it is free from contaminants and rich in flavor. These suppliers offer various packaging options, including drums, totes, and tanker trucks, to meet the diverse needs of their clients. By maintaining strict quality control measures, they guarantee a product that is consistent and reliable, making them an essential partner for any large-scale operation requiring a steady supply of peanut oil.

Peanut Oil Wholesale

Peanut oil wholesale providers offer competitive pricing for large quantities of peanut oil, catering to businesses that require bulk purchases. They source their oil from reputable producers who adhere to high standards of quality and safety. Wholesale providers ensure the oil is extracted and refined using advanced techniques to maintain its nutritional value and taste. They provide flexible packaging solutions and timely deliveries, making it easy for businesses to maintain a consistent supply of this versatile cooking oil for various culinary applications.

Organic Peanut Oil Bulk

Organic peanut oil bulk suppliers focus on providing large quantities of certified organic peanut oil, ensuring it is free from pesticides and synthetic additives. This oil is sourced from organically grown peanuts, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option for consumers. Bulk suppliers offer various packaging sizes to cater to the needs of different businesses, including food manufacturers and health-conscious retailers. By adhering to strict organic certification standards, these suppliers guarantee a high-quality product that retains its natural flavor and nutritional benefits.

Peanut Oil Manufacturers

Peanut oil manufacturers produce high-quality peanut oil by extracting it from premium-grade peanuts using advanced processing techniques. These manufacturers ensure the oil undergoes rigorous testing for purity and quality, providing a product that meets industry standards. They offer various grades of peanut oil, including refined, unrefined, and organic, to cater to different market demands. By maintaining a commitment to quality and innovation, peanut oil manufacturers supply a versatile cooking oil that is valued for its rich flavor and high smoke point.

(1) Are you the factory?

Yes, we are the share stock holder of the factory, this means we can control the quality and we only ship the cargo which produced by ourselves, the quality can be stable and the price can be competitive, please don’t worry.

(2) Can we have the sample?

Yes, we can send samples for your reference, but before sending samples, we hope we can make a agreement for the deals, but not only send you the samples for compare to others, hope you can understand us.

(3) Does your products can be registered in our country?

Yes, we can provide you the necessary documents for your registration in your country and comply to your authority regulations.

(4) Can I use my own design package?

Yes, we can offer the package which printed based on your design. We sincerely hope to establish business friendship with you from all over the world, looking forward to your enquiry.

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  1. Eloka Staarah

    Thanks for your help. Everything came in perfect shape.

  2. Johnson H.

    Best grade so far but Price high for our local market.

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