Our sunflower oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E and low in saturated fat, a heart-healthy option that fits perfectly into any modern-day kitchen. Kiss goodbye to chemically laden oils and embrace our all-natural, high-grade sunflower oil cultivated under the glorious sun.

Our sunflower oil is a symphony of nature and sophistication, a result of carefully nurtured sunflower seeds under pristine conditions. We passionately and meticulously manage the full journey from seed to bottle. The result is a product that retains all the heart-healthy fats, rich antioxidants, and subtle, nutty flavor that has made sunflower oil the favored choice of gourmet chefs and health-conscious consumers alike.

Each drop of Tesco Sunflower Oil is pumped with all the wholesome goodness of sun-ripened, golden sunflowers. This pure, high-quality oil brings the tantalizing aroma and exquisite flavor to heighten your cooking experiences. The light, yet hearty texture and neutral undertone deliver a perfectly balanced taste that complements almost any type of cooking.

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  • Refined Sunflower oil

    Introducing Horus Oil, your ultimate destination for top-tier, refined sunflower oil supplied…