Pure Mustard Seed Oil

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Pure Mustard Seed Oil

Pure Mustard Seed Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers in Turkey. 

Distinct taste. Mustard Oil is produced from best quality, fresh mustard. It is produced in complete auto-machine. Mustard Oil is
made from the first press of the mustard in the traditional way by slowly crushing the best mustard seeds in a temperature-controlled environment to retain its natural properties. The pungent taste of the mustard condiment results when ground mustard seeds are mixed with water, vinegar, or other liquids. Mustard Oil is always fresh and 100% nutritional. Mustard essential oil is basically made with mustard seeds through a distillation process. The oil contains allyl isothocyanate (92%).


The preparation of mustard essential oil is quite different from mustard oil as the seeds are first grinded and are then mixed with water and liquid is then extracted as volatile oil.

Place of Origin
Brand Name
Horus Oil
Dosage form
Product Name
pure mustard seed oil
Customizable range
Customized according to your needs
according to customer requirements
ISO, Halal, Kosher
100 metric tons
Shelf life
2 years

Mustard Essential Oil health benefits includes supporting skin health, supporting healthy hair and scalp, detoxifying the body, supporting oral health, treating respiratory illness, repelling insects, providing warmth, combating common cold and flu, stimulating appetite, improving heart health, improving digestion, combating cancer, alleviating pain, and treating asthma.


  • Good for Skin Care with Mustard Oil
  • Good for Hair and Scalp Health
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Good for Pain Alleviation
  • Improves Digestion 


NameN.W.Packaging Material Dimension(cm)
 Mustard Oil150ml/bottled *24Glass bottle32.5×22×18.8
1.96L/Box*6PE box34*26.5*26.5
60ml/bottled *24Glass bottle24.5×16.5×14.5



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