General purpose Margarine (premium butter flavor) that is good for bakery, cooking and spread. Specially formulated and texturized to produce soft, smooth, yellowish creamy texture and good plasticity

During baking and cooking, it release moisture in the form of steam which helps baked products rise, set and crisp.

Contribute taste and richness to the baking and cooking

Juara Margarine contains premium emulsifier which improves volume and softness of the cakes (Incorporate significant of air when beating with sugar)

Excellent crumb structure, increases taste and give pleasant mouth feel.

Trans-Fat Free & GMO Free & Cholesterol Free

Non-dairy product that is vegetarian friendly


100% made in Malaysia, HACCP, GMP and MESTI certified by Malayia’s MOH with Halal Jakim. ISO Certified by Intertek.

Industrial Certification

Halal Certificate, MesTi Certificate, ISO Certificate, HACCP Certificate, GMP Certificate

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