Sunflower oil from Horus Oil, whipped up from the heart of sunflowers, is notable for its high Vitamin E content. It’s designed to slap a big, fat NO on cholesterol and ramp up the antic Oxidant levels in your system. A cook’s magic potion, it offers an expulsion of odours and variety of distinct flavours to satisfy your palette – all while ensuring you cook healthy. sunflower cooking oil suppliers

Every bottle of oil we offer conveys the grandeur of the sunflower field it came from. Under the ever-vigilant watch of Horus, the ancient Egyptian sky god we draw our inspiration from, we ensure our oil is treated with consistent quality and nutritive value to make every meal memorable.

Premium quality is where we pitch our tents. We employ a top-notch extraction process devoid of harsh chemicals ensuring the oil retains its natural, nutty flavour. Our purification process is meticulously carried out to filter out impurities, delivering sunflower oil that is as pure as a dewdrop. sunflower cooking oil suppliers

To up the ante, our sunflower cooking oil is made readily available in diverse sizes to accommodate your unique needs, whether it’s for large scale kitchen operations or domestic usage.

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    Introducing Horus Oil, your ultimate destination for top-tier, refined sunflower oil supplied…