sunflower oil wholesale

Sunflower oil wholesale suppliers from Europe. Horus Oil will provide you quality service and EU standard cooking oil.

Order Sunflower Oil and other cooking oil for the cheapest price. Order Sunflower Oil now at low trade price. Wholesale only. Most of the UK’s sunflower oil comes from Ukraine.
Whereas, has resulted in restrictions applying to that product as well as olive and rapeseed oils at some supermarkets. Find where to buy products from UK suppliers, including: UK distributors, industrial manufacturers, UK wholesalers.

Primary Packaging: Label: Paper
Lids: HDPE
Bottle: PET
Carton: Carton Board
Stretch wrap: LDPE

Product Dimensions: 130.0 x 88.0 x 274.0 mm(L x W x H)

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  • Refined Sunflower oil

    Introducing Horus Oil, your ultimate destination for top-tier, refined sunflower oil supplied…