Products That Support The Immune System Increased Since Pandemic COVID 19

Products That Support The Immune System Increased Since Pandemic COVID 19

Products available are corn oil, refined and crude soybean oil. More so, we supply crude palm oil, refined sunflower oil, rapeseed / canola oil crude also. Furthermore, We also export essential oils for body care.

WAYZATA, MN (September 29, 2021) – A recent survey of 3,008 consumers across three continents. Uncovered that interest in immune health support increased since the pandemic began and is predicted to continue longer-term. Among participants in our recent global Feed4Thought survey, 84% of Chinese, 64% of American and 58% of British consumers noted that immune support has become more important to them since the start of the pandemic.

Other key findings from consumers surveyed include:

  • Increased understanding of the gut health and immune health connection. With most indicating that immune system support and gut health are very important to them. More than four in five believe that good gut health can reduce the chance of becoming ill. In the U.S., more than half reported that healthy digestion will be more important to them. In the next six months than it was previously, most consider what to eat.
  • Most will take proactive measures to support their gut and immune health, including taking immune support supplements.
    • 43% of U.S. consumers surveyed said they will take an immune health supplement in the next six months. An 8% increase since the start of the pandemic. While 46% of respondents in China (6% increase) and 33% of U.K. consumers (4% increase). These reports, they will increase their immune supplement use in coming months.
  • Regional differences identified: While varied by region, the survey consistently found that Chinese consumers placed the highest importance on immune system support and gut health.
    • In China, 78% of respondents said immune health support will become more important in the next six months, followed by 58% in America and 46% in the U.K.
    • One in four U.S. and U.K. consumers and 40% of Chinese consumers reported that they began taking an immune supplement during the pandemic.

Consumer dialogue, knowledge of gut and immune health connection also rising for our products.