Sunflower Oil Suppliers in Europe

sunflower oil suppliers in Europe

Sunflower oil suppliers in EU has been in huge demands with low production to cover it. This focuses toward future open doors for exporters from agricultural nation. Sunflower oil manufacturers Horus oil Turkey.

The sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus) is local toward the North-American landmass. More over, Seeds from the sun-formed blossom we initially taken to Europe during the Spanish colonization of North-America.

Sunflower oil is used as a food ingredient for fryingcooking oil suppliers, in salad dressings and as an ingredient in products such as margarines, due to its light colour and mild flavour.

HS code: 1512 11 91

Sunflower seed oil Product specification


  • Horus oil by crushing of the thin and smaller black grade sunflower seeds (crushing grade). Thus, obtained Crude sunflower oil through. The black sunflower seeds have a relatively high oil content (between 39- 49%).
  • Sunflower oil can be processed by three different methods. 1) cold-pressing: (crude) light yellow oil, 2) hot-pressing: (crude) brown-coloured oil, 3) refined sunflower oil: colourless liquid.
  • Sunflower oil should have a maximum acid value of 0.9- 1.1%. Excessive acid values can cause a sour taste and decolourisation of the oil.
  • Sunflower oil containing a high level of oleic acid preferred in the food industry; the oil with a higher linoleic acid content is preferred by paint or fuel industry. Horus Oil examine High-oleic sunflower oil, we ensure everything naturally stable and our production does not need to be hydrogenated.
  • The main quality problems associated with sunflower oil are contamination and oxidation (rancidity). Sunflower oil has a relatively high oxidative stability (i.e. long shelf life). But this stability is dependent on the extraction method and seed pre-treatment. We provide special care in all steps of the production process, from harvesting to distribution making cooking oil crucial for our local market
  • Make sure that the raw material (i.e. sunflower seeds) is fresh and that there are no long delays between harvesting and extraction. Sunflower seeds should also be free from sand, stalk, plant debris and other foreign materials.
  • Some of the most important quality factors concerning sunflower seeds are: odour and flavour, oil content, and damaged/mouldy seeds. Sunflower seeds should also be free from mycotoxins and harmful microbiological activity; this will avoid contamination of the oil. Nevertherless, Aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin contamination are known to be our problem as well as many other producers. Therefore, most buyers closely monitor these aspects.
  • Prevent contamination by keeping facilities and equipment clean.
  • Ensure proper storage and transportation (see ‘Packaging’).

Sunflower oil Suppliers – Horus Oil

The sunflower is a plant in the Asteraceae family, which begins in North America. Sunflower seed oil extricated from the plant’s seeds, which contain 40 to 65% oil.

Sunflower oil is intriguing a result of its linoleic corrosive substance (omega 6). This unsaturated fat is fundamental in light of the fact that the human body can not orchestrate it. This oil decreases the trans epidermal water misfortune by re-establishing the hydrolipidic film. It benefits from recovering properties, permits a great hydration of the skin and to battle against its maturing.

Sunflower oil likewise contains huge measures of oleic corrosive with emollient properties. This oil mellow, relax and gives brilliance to the skin.

Sunflower oil utilized in the food business (sauces, preparing and different arrangements). Huros oil main suppliers of cooking oil from turkey. We have established huge transit route into EU to supply each household.

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