Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier in Europe

Peanuts cooking oil suppliers in Europe - Horus oil Wholesalers - Edible oil wholesale suppliers

We supply you product delivered directly from European countries and all financial transactions done within this boundary. Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier in Europe. It prevents any financial uncertainty of customers from dealing in Corrupt financial system which is complex and untrustworthy.

However, Wholesale B2b guarantee proper and timely delivery of the products and quality. Our business Type is registered as Trading Company and Buying Office. We are located in Turkey, Malaysia, Denmark, Canada and Tanzania. Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier in Europe

Furthermore, our main Products supplied in bulk are peanut oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil. We can supply in bulk in flexitanks of 22 MT.

Top 3 Markets wholesale B2b exports EU 26.9%, Mid East 23.3%, Latino America 19.7%, Africa 13.33%, Southeast Asia 9.45% and other countries 7.35%.

Cold Pressed Groundnut oil – Peanut Oil for Sale

Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier in Europe. According to scientific studies, vegetable oil extracted from peanuts contains nutrients beneficial to the digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system and prevents aging.

The nutrients such as lipids, vitamins and many other nutrients in peanut oil are in a natural form, easily absorbed and safe for the body.

The cholesterol-free peanut oil should be used regularly for cardiovascular patients, in addition, it also helps to fight aging and beautify the skin when combined with other ingredients.

Groundnut Oil Specification

  • Type: Peanut Oil
  • Product Type: Nut & Seed Oil
  • Place of Origin: Europe
  • Use: Cooking, Salad and frying
  • Smell: Pure Natural Peanut Flavour
  • Colour: Light yellow
  • Usage: Food Process
  • Form: Liquid
  • Quality Standard: Clean
  • Packing size: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4l, 5L Pet Bottles, Various sizes of HDPE Jerrycans. Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), flexi-bag, tank-container and tankers.
  • Storage: Cool Dry Place
  • Packing: Plastic bottle

Good Quality Cheap Price Refined Peanut Oil / Groundnut Oil For Export

The PEANUT plant original from South America, although the plant was later spread worldwide by European traders. However, Peanut has been widely applied in diets and cooking, peanuts are eaten roasted, and made into peanut butter and cooking oil.

More so, PEANUT OIL a Refined Vegetable Oil obtained from pressing shelled peanut kernels. PEANUT OIL is a limpid, light-coloured oil, delicate in flavour and scent. Edible oil also known as Arachis oil. Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier in Europe.

Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier

High in unsaturated fatty acids and rich in Vitamin E. In its role as a captor of free radicals, vitamin E protects cells from attacks by free radicals by neutralizing them.

Moreover, PEANUT OIL has Emollient and Anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. Even though peanut allergy is one of the five most frequent allergies in children and in adults, recent studies on PEANUT OIL supported the conclusion that this oil and its derivates are safe for use in Cosmetic formulations.


  • Appearance: Yellow pale oily liquid with minimum odour
  • Acidity index: 0.50 mg KOH/g oil
  • Peroxide value: 10.0 meq O2/Kg oil
  • Specific gravity: 0.90 – 0.93 g/ml

Fatty Acid Composition

  • Oleic acid 17 – 30 %
  • Linoleic acid 48 – 58 %
  • Palmitic acid 9 – 13 %
  • Linolenic acid 4.5 – 10%

We Are The Wholesale Supplier Of Refined Oils Competitive Price World-Wide Delivery: Refined Sunflower Oil, Crude Peanut Oiland Refined Soybean Oil. Peanut Cooking Oil Supplier in Europe.

Exporters of Olive Oil in bulk, Refined Corn Oil bulk sales including Crude Canola Oil, Raw Coconut Oil and Refined Palm Oil.

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